Chinese storytelling

8 januari 2020, van 15:00 tot 16:00

Kosten: Gratis

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Iris Bos-Hung leest 1x per maand voor en verzorgt een bijpassende activiteit in het Chinees voor kleuters (4-7 jaar).

Teacher Xin-yi (Iris) will tell stories in Mandarin Chinese for children from 4 to 7 years old.

Iris: "We will also be singing and dancing for fun. What’s more, some creative activities will be combined with the story every time. During this one-hour storytelling time, kids get to enjoy learning Chinese with their friends. Interested? Look forward to seeing you and your kids there."

Free entrance.

About Iris

Iris Bos-Hung comes from Taiwan and is a teacher for Chinese and English. Besides she has her own business ‘Where East Meets West in Chinese language & culture’, teaching business people how to communicate effectively while in China. Iris lives in Eindhoven, is married with a Dutch husband and they have a son.